How To Work On Your Business, Not In It


Most entrepreneurs are freelancers. We work for ourselves, but we actually do all of the work. We get so used to the DIY we end up believing that no one else could ever do what we do, at least not very well.
First of all, that’s a fairy tale. As awesome as you are, you are not the ONLY person on the planet who can take out the trash. More importantly, you’re killing your chances for success. Doing all the work simply isn’t scalable.
If you’ve got big dreams for your company you need to start working ON the business, not IN the business. You can accomplish this by building systems that enable other people to perform tasks you would normally handle solo.
Here are the steps:
1. You’ve Got to Believe – Believing you can do it is the foundation for success. If you believe you can’t come up with a system that takes you out of the equation, than you won’t. If you believe you can do it, you will do it.
2. Understand the Task – First, do the task as you normally would—all by yourself. Then, document the task. Break it down into steps. More

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