The Next Kingston BETA is Wednesday June 1, 2011 @ The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel


CALLING all Caribbean startups,tech entrepreneurs, web designers, technology and Business professionals, developers who have not yet heard of or been to Kingston BETA-The next Kingston BETA event is Wednesday June 1st, 2011 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel. It’s 6:30pm and it’s still FREE. We just ask that you register online or at the door. At Kingston BETA members of the Caribbean Tech Startup scene will come together to Learn, Network and Be inspired. As usual we’ll be live tweeting( @kingstonbeta ) and using the hashtag #kgnbeta and filming the event .

We look forward to see some of the 400 of you on our mailing list, and our colleagues from our our affiliate groups – Slash Roots, Jamaica Association of Developers, Jamaica Webmaster’s Consortium, GramStep in attendance at the event and also online.

Have an Itch to Pitch?

BETA Pitch! is a segment of Kingston BETA, that is a Caribbean Startup Platform that’s focused on Discovering the Caribbean’s Most Promising Startups. It’s an exceptional promotional and networking platform available to entrepreneurs who are about to launch or have newly launched their Internet/Tech/Mobile idea.

If you have an amazing project or business idea you want to share, attract incubation, funding and feedback from the Caribbean Technology and Business community and the thousands of enthusiasts worldwide who follow the event…email Ingrid Riley at or calling 1 876 864 2440.

What is Kingston BETA?

Kingston BETA is the event, community and resource for Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs that’s focused on educating, better connecting and celebrating the Jamaican and Caribbean tech community. Over the last 3 years old, we’ve hosted almost 40 events that 1200 people attended and have seen over 50 Jamaican and Caribbean tech startups pitch their new business ideas. A better informed, recognized and connected tech community is emerging because of Kingston BETA.

It is an event produced by ConnectiMass as part of its role of helping to bridge the gap between the information haves and have nots, the opportunity haves and have nos, to help make the Caribbean a center of innovation that can change the world.

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