ConnectiMass continues its 2014 Kingston BETA Tech Event Series on Thursday April 24th 6:30pm at The Pegasus Hotel.


KgnbetaAprilFlyer2014If you are an aspiring/current entrepreneur, designer, developer, college student or tech enthusiast, investor, potential mentor- join the fast growing Tech/Entrepreneurial Community – we want to see you at the next KINGSTON BETA -Jamaica’s Tech Community Meetup on Thursday April 24th, 2014 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 6:30 p.m-9:30p.m, Entry is still only $500 | US$5.


ConnectiMass in association with presents another in our series of HOW I DID IT! Where our host Ingrid Riley does a one on one interview style. This time around we have Stephen Spence, Founder and CEO of SMS Communications.

A 5 year old company in the Mobile Sector that’s come from launching in Jamaica to operating in 9 Caribbean countries and has won him many Jamaican and Regional awards. Hear his Entrepreneurial Journey and come with your questions and 5 friends. You won’t want to miss this.


Get your pitches ready! Your fellow tech/startup community members as well as investors are waiting to hear from you. Have a great idea/Startup to pitch?  send your name, brief description to ingrid @ And have a read of our guidelines here. We talk Skype Video pitches from Caribbean Tech Entrepreneurs in the region and the Diaspora as well.

And yes, this year marks the 7th anniversary of ConnectiMass Foundation staging Kingston BETA. Over 50 events, 5000 attendees and 200 Jamaican/Caribbean entrepreneurs are come to our events. Entrepreneurs and the event itself has been featured in local, regional and international media and events and we’ve only just begun.

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