kingstonbetaJamaicastechcommunitymeetupIt’s the bi-monthly Jamaica’s Tech Community Meetup that kickstarted the Jamaican Startup Movement in 2007. Since then, we have produced over 80 events, 8,000 attendees and over 300 entrepreneurs from 5 Caribbean countries plus Diaspora USA and UK,  have pitched their technology ideas.

Aspiring and current Jamaican/Caribbean entrepreneurs, digital creatives, developers, designers, college students, tech professionals, startup enthusiasts, corporate executives and investors attend the series – To Learn. Be Inspired. To Network.

The event has a BETA Pitch segment – that’s a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas that are tech driven or tech related. At the event we  also invite speakers and have panel discussions and some of the greatest conversations are had and connections made at Kingston BETA.

A better informed, connected, successful and recognised Jamaican tech community is resulting.

Kingston BETA is staged by SiliconCaribe.com the leading Caribbean Tech Media Brand .

Our Mission
We’re on a mission to promote tech entrepreneurship and innovation and build a vibrant, collaborative and open Jamaican/Caribbean Startup Community.





What is BETA Pitch ?

BETA Pitch! is a startup pitch competition held at every Kingston BETA that’s about Discovering the Caribbean’s Most Promising Technology-centric ideas and startups.


Why BETAPitch ?

It’s an exceptional promotional and networking platform available to aspiring and current tech entrepreneurs who are about to launch or have newly launched their Internet/Tech/Mobile idea.

If you have an amazing project or business idea you want to share, attract incubation, funding and feedback from  the Caribbean Technology and Business community and the thousands of enthusiasts worldwide who follow the event-then  apply to pitch.  At BETA Pitch! you reach an audience of potential customers, successful entrepreneurs, investors, influential bloggers and tweeters who can catapult you to the next level and beyond.


How to Enter the BETAPitch

The Caribbean Startups

We accept ideas from entrepreneurs and startups based in Jamaica and the Caribbean or startups around the world that are led by or has  Caribbean nationals as part of founding team.  Your idea/startup must be in the Tech/Internet/Mobile Industries.

How The Competition Works

Each Company selected to participate will be given:
– 5 minutes pitch

– 2 minutes of Q&A always follow.

-All entrants and winners are published on KingstonBeta.com and Caribbean Tech Blog SiliconCaribe.com.

Skype Video Pitches from Around the World
While Kingston Beta is staged in Kingston Jamaica, we accept startups based in the Caribbean or startups led by or including Caribbean nationals anywhere in the world. Those startup pitches are broadcast to our audience using Skype Video.


It is free to participate in the BETAPitch Contest, but $500jmd/$5usd to attend  the Kingston BETA event.

Contact Us Now

Companies interested in taking advantage of this new opportunity must apply by emailing Ingrid Riley at ingrid at connectimass.com or calling 1 876 864 2440.


Connect With Us

Website: www.KingstonBeta.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kingstonbeta

Twitter : @kingstonbeta

Standard Hashtag: #kgnbeta