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It’s the bi-monthly Jamaica’s Tech Community Meetup that kickstarted the Jamaican Startup Movement in 2007. Since then over 90 events, with over 8,000 attendees and over 350 entrepreneurs have pitched their technology ideas.

Aspiring and current Jamaican/Caribbean entrepreneurs, developers, designers, creatives, college students, young professionals, tech professionals, academia, government officials and investors attend the event series – To Learn. Be Inspired. To Network.

The event has a BETA Pitch segment – that’s a platform for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas that are tech driven or tech related. At the event we  also invite speakers and have panel discussions and some of the greatest conversations are had and connections made at Kingston BETA.

A better informed, connected, successful and recognised Jamaican tech community is resulting.


Kingston BETA has been an sponsor supported event for the past 8 years and we have had Caribbean and International companies align and grow their brands and increase their customer base by educating our audience of of young people and women innovators about their products and services. They have sponsored the events, placed ads on our site, sent blasts to our email and social media communities.  Our sponsors are a mix of start-ups and established brands.

If you believe that entrepreneurship and innovation can create more successful startups and jobs, give us a call. ingrid@siliconcaribe.com  | 1 876 864 2440



Platinum Sponsorship         – US$970 | JMD$126,100
Gold Sponsorship                 – US$770 | JMD$100,100
Silver                                       – US $570 | JMD$74,100


CUSTOM Sponsorship

Do you want to be event more aligned with the fast growing and influential Jamaican Tech and Entrepreneur Community. We have custom sponsor packages too.

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Contact us to sponsor an event or a series of events. Email Ingrid Riley ingrid@siliconcaribe.com | 1 876 864 2440